I went to see Chris with work/study/life balance issues. I was floundering and needed some direction and help with making decisions.

I think the main benefit has been the brilliantly practical nature of the advice Chris has given me. The focus was very much on coming up with strategies and solutions for the issues I was facing. Chris was really positive about everything I was doing or aspiring to, and simple though it sounds, that made an enormous difference to how I felt about things (and myself) too.

Chris is great. Really focused. Very conscientious and professional but very warm and human too. I had apprehensions about life coaching but I would recommend Chris wholeheartedly.


Your Chemistry Call is an opportunity to review how you would like coaching to impact your life. We’ll discuss the changes you want to make and the goals you want to achieve. You’ll gain a greater understanding of the role of coaching and be in the best position to make a decision about using coaching as the solution to achieve the life you desire and deserve. Until we speak… be more tomorrow than you are today.