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  • Do you feel overwhelmed, out of control or stuck in a rut?
  • Are you juggling multiple different things and feel you’re not doing many of them right?
  • There aren’t enough hours in the day and your constantly making sacrifices?
  • You plan to achieve things but end each day with a ‘to-do’ list longer than the previous days?
  • Do you fear you’ve not reached your full potential and you feel held back by your past?
  • Do you have limiting beliefs about yourself and what you can achieve?
  • Are you knowingly procrastinating and you can’t connect to the motivation you need to move on?
  • Keen to learn some quick fixes and long term habits achieve a better life?

a better life workshop

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Hello, I’m Chris, I’m a life coach.

My mission is to simply inspire, guide and support you to be more tomorrow than you are today. I support individuals to transform their lives through life coaching, neuro-linguistic programming, time line therapy and hypnotherapy.

You aren’t living the life you aspire to and deserve, you’ve not reached your full potential and you feel held back by your past. You’re where you are but not where you want to be. You have limiting beliefs about yourself and what you can achieve, and when you review your life in its entirety you feel overwhelmed and stuck. You’re procrastinating and you know it, yet you can’t connect to the motivation you need to move on. You’re not sure where to start.

About The Event

I am passionate and proud of my informative and inspiring workshops, and I know only too well the power of a group event; the impact of the investment of your time, your energy and the opportunity to share, listen and learn with other like-minded people. I’d love to see you at A Better Life.

‘A Better Life’… Arguably, I could have chosen a grander title but I chose a better life as it’s the one initial request the majority of my clients make. I have designed a high-value, high-impact, 4-hour interactive workshop that guides and supports you beginning your journey to getting out of overwhelm and into control with a clear plan of action.

A Better Life includes My Signature Approach to Coaching. Through years of studying personal development and working with clients, I have been able to identify and define a 5-stage approach to creating transformation in a person’s life. A Better Life is built around this model and supports you in gaining a deeper understanding of:

  • Who you are
  • Where you are
  • Where you want to be
  • What’s holding you back and;
  • How to break free
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“It was time to claim my life back, stop carrying the baggage around with me and take steps towards a more fulfilling life and the authentic me. I am now working towards these goals.”

“A toolkit of tasks, exercises and strategies that helped me to achieve the goals I had prioritised.”

“I think the main benefit has been the brilliantly practical nature of the advice… The focus was very much on coming up with strategies and solutions for the issues I was facing.”




Review your life in its entirety and score your level of satisfaction, identifying areas for development.

Basic Human Needs

Assess your life against the 6 Basic Human Needs, identifying areas for development.

Your mind

An introduction to the inner workings of your mind.

Future Self

Begin the process of designing your future self.


Learn the goal setting model of GROW and apply it to your future self.


Learn the action planning model of SMART and apply it to your goals.

Limiting Beliefs

Identify what’s holding you back from achieving your full authentic potential and learn the process to let go of limiting beliefs and live a life without limits.

Negative Events

Gain access to the Time Line Therapy process used to support people to let go of negative events.

Power of Visualisation

Access the technique used by high-performers, celebrities, and sports people; to achieve their goals.

Law of Attraction

Used for generations the law of attraction is reported to have brought around some of man’s greatest achievements, learn how you can use it too.

free workbook

70+ pages of activities, tools and techniques to create a better life

Using your free copy of my Be more tomorrow than you are today workbook, we aim to move out of overwhelm and into control. Supporting you in identifying your negative thoughts and your limiting beliefs. You’ll have the opportunity to define your future and set goals which you’ll make a commitment to achieving. I guide you and provide you with the learning, tools and techniques you need to begin to achieve balance and success in all areas of your life.


The To Do List Hack and 8 Ways to Beat Procrastination.


Exclusive access to a discount on Chris’ Coaching Programs, not available anywhere else.

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“I have been enabled to identify my goals for the short-term and the long-term. Each short-term goal achieved boosts my self-confidence and resolve to get where I want to be.”

“I was able to identify the changes I wanted to make and identify where I wanted to be in the future.”

“Enlightening and has enabled me to work to change the destructive patterns of behaviour and self-limiting thoughts I hadn’t even realised I had!”



4-Star Boutique Hotel in Leeds. Once a thriving 18th Century flour mill, 42 the Calls has been lovingly converted into one of the most outstanding luxury hotels in Leeds. Boasting original beamed ceilings, working mill machinery and elegantly exposed brickwork, this exceptional boutique hotel has a quirky charm all of its own. Its stunning 4-star rooms are packed with character, handmade furniture and original artworks to deliver the finest boutique experience in Leeds. Located in the centre of the city, on the River Aire, the hotel is perfect for business and leisure travellers alike.

Registration and Housekeeping

Doors open 15-minutes before the event start time and the event begins promptly at the scheduled start time. Everyone attending the event must register upon arrival, please allow 5-minutes for registration.

The workshop includes refreshments on arrival and throughout the event. The event allows for time before and after the to complete informal networking.


Bookings and tickets are managed by Eventbrite who will issue your ticket upon registration. The ticket will gain you entry into the event. Our events team use electronic registration therefore you can check in with Eventbrite on your mobile device or with your printed ticket.


Please note the event will be filmed and photographed and you may be asked to sign a Release Form when you register.

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Join my partners, ducks in a row, in the afternoon for their Become a Life Coach workshop. Become a Life Coach is a high-value, high-impact, 3-hour workshop which provides you an overview of being a life coach and running your own life coaching business. Click below to find out more.

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We provide everything you need to be a successful Life Coach – outstanding training courses with unbeatable continual professional development, marketing and all round business support packages. You just need to bring along your coaching skills, enthusiasm and desire to run your business.


Register now and for a limited time only, access your free 7-day trial of A Better Life 28-Day Turnaround E-Program.

Finally, you can now access my high-quality, high-impact coaching tools and techniques in bite-size quick and easy activities, everyday for the next 28-days.