• Are you an employed coach or trainer keen to set up your own business?
  • Are you a working professional keen to turn your area of expertise into a consultancy business?
  • Can’t contain your knowledge, skills, and experience into your current role?
  • Want to create an impact in your wider industry, as an expert in your field?
  • Sick of seeing outsiders come into your organisation and invoice over double your salary? Keen to join them?
  • Ready to escape the 9-5 and work on your own terms?
  • How would you feel if you never achieved your dream of being your own boss?

By the nature of the fact you’re interested in coaching, I’m thinking you’re ready to take action now and are keen to work with a coach in order to realise your business dream. In 2016, I had the pleasure of supporting 80+ entrepreneurs and new business owners through the business planning phase and their first 6-months of trading. Although I have had the opportunity to partner with entrepreneurs in a variety of careers and industries, I specialise in mentoring coaches, trainers and consultants to design, launch, manage and maximise their businesses impact. As a full-time Coach, Trainer and Learning and Development Consultant, I have a unique skill set and level of experience. This affords me the insight and expertise to support my clients in turning their passion and experience into a successful business.

My Entrepreneur Enterprise Partnership Program begins with a 4-hour, face-to- face business planning session which results in you having a core Business Plan and Financial Forecast, the program includes a free Business Plan Template and Guide, which lands in your inbox within minutes of you joining the program. You get direct daily access to me and a total of 20-hours of one-to- one coaching, giving you the greatest opportunity to create the successful and authentic business you desire and deserve. After every session, you’ll receive an updated action plan and notes so you can see you are on track and remain accountable and motivated to realise your goals.

If you are a coach, trainer or consultant, keen to get my one-to- one coaching support by Skype, phone and email, the sooner we start, the sooner you achieve your goal. I recommend you book your Chemistry Call now and give you and I an opportunity to review how you would like your Entrepreneur Enterprise Partnership Program to impact your life and career as we work together, in partnership for the next 6-months. Until we speak… be more tomorrow than you are today.


6-month support

Access to your business coach and mentor for 6-months, Chris is on hand to guide and motivate you every step of the way, from your business planning through to your first months of trading.

business planning session

4-hour initial face-to-face business planning session, an opportunity to build your partnership with Chris, complete your draft business plan and kick-start your coaching program. This session introduces you to your fully interactive digital Business Plan Template and Cash Flow Forecast.

12-hours coaching

Available face-to-face, via Skype or by telephone, can be scheduled fortnightly or taken in bundles of more than 1-hour, including one-day intensives. Giving you the flexibility to access your coaching how and when you want it.


Weekly accountability calls, to plan for the week ahead, address any immediate challenges and celebrate success. Most new business owners struggle to hold themselves accountable to planning and doing what they need to do each day, I’m there to support you and keep you on track and motivated to achieve your goals.

action plan

Updated action plan and session notes after each coaching or accountability session. No need to make notes, Chris provides a great reference tool that ensures you know what you’re aiming towards and how you’re going to achieve it, step-by-step.


Flexible session times including evenings and weekends, I work around your schedule to ensure your clients come first.


Email and telephone access to Chris with a guaranteed 24-hour priority response (including weekends and Bank Holidays), giving you the support you need, when you need it.


Your coaching program is completely bespoke to you and gives you access to a variety of Chris’ Success Mindset interventions including NLP Therapy, Time Line Therapy, and Hypnotherapy. Maximising the impact of your coaching, by creating coaching as unique as you and your business.


90-minute Digital Marketing Consultation with Chris’ Digital Marketing Expert. In today’s climate understanding the impact digital marketing has on the success of your business is pivotal and Chris’ Digital Marketing Expert will review your business and provide you a recommendation report to maximise the immediate impact of your digital marketing.

Inner Circle

Invitation to Chris’ quarterly Inner Circle events and an opportunity to learn high-impact tools and techniques in the company of other people committed to achieving balance and success in their lives and businesses.


Half price discounts to all Chris’ live workshops and seminars giving you access to a host of training delivered by Chris on a variety of subjects.


Upon conclusion of your program, Chris provides a final Action Plan focused on the 6-months following your program. Preparing you to maintain the impact you have achieved for the last 6-months for the remainder of the year.

payment plan

Monthly payment plans are available, allowing you to spread the cost of your Entrepreneur Enterprise Partnership Program over 6-months.

Download your free
business plan template and guide

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“A must have for all budding Entrepreneurs and new business owners.”