Sunday Night Blues

We are all very familiar with that certain feeling that takes over our body at around 7 pm every Sunday evening.

You have just finished eating your roast dinner and have decided to have a little lie down on the sofa before loading the dishwasher. The kids are about to get ready for bed, and your mind is riddled with the realisation that your weekend is over and you’ll be waking up in a few hours to prepare for the morning commute to work.

Sunday night blues are something that follows you from your childhood to adulthood. Do you remember getting the Sunday night blues before returning to school after your summer holiday and it would feel twice as intense? Sometimes with a full-time job, the Sunday night blues are always that intense because you’re very aware of the fact that a six-week Summer holiday will never happen again.

If you feel like you’re the only one who suffers from the ‘Sunday Sads,’ you’re not. There is a name for it!


And believe it or not, there are certain symptoms that you may experience. These include being easily irritated, upset stomachs, headaches and sleep disturbance.

There are a few things that you can do to fight off the Sunday blues!

Friday nights > Saturday nights – Spending Sunday suffering after a crazy Saturday night will intensify the ‘Sunday Sads.’ Have your fun on a Friday night!

Be productive. – You may feel like Sundays are the ultimate lazy day but getting up early and doing something productive with your time will soften the blow on Monday morning.

Make plans! – Arrange to meet a friend for dinner after work on a Monday or go and see a new film at the cinema! Give yourself something to look forward to, preventing the Sunday night blues!

Sunday night blues are something that we all experience, it’s great that there are methods of trying to reduce them so why not give these a try this Sunday?

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