Procrastination. This is now such a common problem, and it has been for the past few years. Whether you’re a student with strict deadlines to meet or a teacher with books to mark, procrastination is a global issue for people with things to do, and the hardest thing about it is that when you attempt to stop yourself from doing it, you’re still procrastinating! You just can’t win!

But as we’re still in the early days of 2017, there is still time for us to stick together and fight off procrastination like it’s a disease in time for next year! Procrastination isn’t a problem with time management but more a failure to control our emotions.

“When we procrastinate, we are trying to improve our mood by avoiding doing something that appears unpleasant to us.”Prof Pychyl

Based on research, there are many ways to reduce procrastination!

Mindfulness – This improves your wellbeing in general, so it isn’t a waste of time to be practising mindfulness every day anyway! It’s just a plus that it can reduce procrastination!

Don’t punish yourself – Although procrastinating may be frustrating, it is not a crime, everyone does it, so there is no need to punish yourself for doing it. If you accept that you have procrastinated, you’re more likely to get your head down and not make the same mistakes again when you have a task to complete.

Work out what you care about – Remind yourself why you are doing the task that you’re procrastinating and how important it is for your future and ambitions. For example, writing a good assignment equals a good degree!

Keep to-do-lists!

Stay focused – Focus on how good you will feel after completing your task and the success and joy you will experience!

There are dangers of procrastinating, these include:

Gaining a bad reputation with co-workers, friends and family.

Losing ambition to succeed.

Threatening your well-being.

Procrastinating is a vicious cycle that nobody wants to be in! But switch your mobile phone off, practise mindfulness when you can and complete your task! You’ll feel so much better for doing so!

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