Overcoming Anxiety

Anxiety incorporates the emotions and physical sensations we experience when feeling worried or nervous about something.

Anything can trigger feelings of anxiety from things such as going on a first date to deciding to go through a divorce. You may feel like you’re feeling stuck in a rut with anxiety and that you’ll never get out of it now but there are so many things you can do for self-help and to help you cope with your anxiety in general.

Talk to someone close to you – Sometimes, all you need to overcome feelings of anxiety is to speak to a close friend or family member who you trust. Getting things off your chest can be helpful because you will be listened to and understood and sometimes that is all you need when feeling anxious – a bit of care and understanding from the people you love!

Focus on other things – Take your mind off your anxiety and divert your negative feelings, allow your mind to wander. An excellent way to do this is by listening to a song that means a lot to you or looking at a photo of something you love. For example, your children, a pet or a happy memory.

Breathing exercises – This is a wonderful way to calm yourself down during panic attacks especially. There are many breathing exercises for you to try and they are recognised as a common relaxation technique so certainly worth giving a go!

Exercise – Physical exercise may be the last thing you even consider when struggling with anxiety, but it is a good way of escaping everyday stresses. Even simply going for a stroll around where you live can help you manage your fears. Fresh air is the best natural remedy, after all!

Support Groups – If you feel comfortable sharing your experiences of anxiety, support groups can be very beneficial for yourself and others who are facing similar challenges.

You are not alone in this and self-care is so important when taking the first steps to overcoming anxiety, have belief in yourself, and you can achieve anything you want to do.

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