Out of overwhelm and in control


It can be terrifying to feel like there’s no hope left. Pressures and commitments can weigh down on us gradually, and before we know it we’ve hit crisis point. A build-up of domestic, family or work issues is a major reason why life coaches can be extremely valuable – sometimes, there’s no denying you’ve hit a low point, that drastic change is what’s needed to feel good again.

Getting back on the path to normal life isn’t an easy process, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. There are a few guidelines we’ll follow on the course of returning to an even better version of you. Let’s take a closer look at what they are…

Indulge in some alone time

If we’re honest, the digital age isn’t always a great we as individuals and society as a whole. Plugging into the constant onslaught of memes, celebrity gossip and photos of distant friends and family can actually make you feel more isolated than you realise. There, lurking in your status updates, is a nagging urge to keep up with the lives on your screen, fearing they overtake you.

Switching off from social media is one answer to reclaiming a part of yourself that no-one else can touch. We’re all informed just as much by the opinions of others as our own tastes and desires; try going on a sabbatical from constant connection, just to see whether you’re happier without it. Take a moment to document your thoughts and connect with who you truly are meant to be.

Deal with pressure, or get rid of it

All of us have nagging concerns that refuse to go away, even if we’re scared to confront them. They could take the shape of letting a colleague know they’re mistreating you, or giving someone who’s fallen off your radar a check-up text or phone call. These ideas may not subside, yet they mightn’t be addressed either, sticking in your mind like a record on repeat. Remember, doing nothing is still a choice, it’s the choice to do nothing. So stop cheating yourself and do something!

As part of my life coaching service, we work through your goals in this regard, sorting through what you truly want to accomplish and what isn’t worth the stress. Often the biggest nagging projects can be completed it the quickest time possible, by simply deciding we’re not going to do them. As for those niggling short term items, together, we draw up a plan for how you’ll approach tricky conversations, stale relationships and professional hang-ups, making you realise who really deserves your time the most.

Self-empowerment is everything

 When you’ve reached a certain limit, it’s common to feel a loss of control, like events are spiralling beyond what you ever imagined. Instead of hurtling down a course chartered by the events in your life, make yourself the centre of your own destiny again. It’s not easy, but it’s crucial to grasp the core of who you are.

There’s a reason my bespoke coaching packages focus on creating coaching as unique as you are. To help as best I can, our life coaching sessions prioritise your individualism, motivating you to make empowered choices. Breaking up a daily routine, for instance, can add bags of fresh thinking to whatever’s troubling you. Even a slight change of scenery, such as going for a morning coffee or hanging out in a different room at home late at night, reinvigorates your appreciation of the here and now.


There’s so much more to talk about, obviously, since the very idea of a crisis point is that you’re completely overwhelmed, in search of a route to inner peace. When any turmoil seems too big to handle, remember that subtle tweaks to your lifestyle, as well as close support from a trained life coach, can do wonders for your self-image, ambition and mental well-being.

Interested in working with me? Browse through the website to uncover more of my working practices, and don’t be afraid to reach out if things just seem too much to deal with alone.





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