The clock will soon toll on 2016, signalling the end of a year packed with surprises and strange twists of fortune. On a personal level, your own experience of the last 12 months may have inspired you to learn more about your world.

As a life coach, I always encourage my clients to learn new things whenever and wherever they can. Pushing yourself outside your comfort zone is the best indication to your unconscious brain, of the limitless potential you have available. The pursuit of knowledge is a wonderful mission to embark on, and here are the top 5 areas you might want to explore in the coming year:



1. A foreign language

“Qu’est-ce que vous parlez?” Us Brits are notoriously bad at learning other languages, since we tend to expect foreigners to communicate on our wavelength. Take the plunge into Italian, French, German or (for the dedicated linguist) Chinese Mandarin; whatever culture you admire fondly, give their native tongue a go!


2. A musical instrument

For some reason, anyone who passes over guitar lessons in their youth can feel like musical ability is beyond them, even though they have an ear for rhythm and melody. Whether it’s the piano, drums or glockenspiel that takes your fancy, why not set an hour aside a day for practicing? You’ll probably find that a talent in one instrument leads to exploring it in others.



3. Gourmet cooking

Food is a nascent trigger for our wellbeing – we’re pretty much hardwired to receive endorphins from a beautiful meal. The ability to create a delicious piece of food will follow you forever, adding your own spin to romantic and social occasions. Why not pick a favourite cuisine, and commit to mastering it in 2017?



4. Arts and crafts

Life coaching and personal development experiences have taught me that creative pursuits are solid, and sometimes vital, methods for feeling good about ourselves. There’s little else quite like standing back, seeing what you’ve brought into the world with your own two hands. Painting and life drawing are just some of the arty avenues you can take, finding your truest voice in the glide of a pencil or paintbrush.


5. A school of thought

At school, we’re required to get a taste of many subjects, although it can feel like we don’t have a choice in the matter. As we get older, we become more reflective on the things we ignored or didn’t have time for. But we only live one life, so use yours to soak up as much as possible.

Do you have a professional and financial grievance? Gain more maths and business knowledge, supported by mentoring. Or how about a personal crisis that’s tricky to navigate? Philosophical teachings could be just what you’re after.

As New Year Resolutions start to take shape, remember to stay open and engaged for whatever strikes you as worthwhile. Our time is precious, and your own fulfilment is too – browse through free online courses by Future Learn to get a sense of the direction you’ll take in 2017..

I can help you make the change that’ll last well beyond the squares of a calendar. Check out my life coaching and mentoring services, and let’s see where we head together.

Until next we speak… be more tomorrow than you are today.


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