A satisfying existence is hard to pin down but possible to achieve and maintain. So many of us are caught between the tussle of committing to work or play, and our mental health can wind up as a casualty. The pressure of wanting to take some ‘me-time’, without ever really enjoying it, can make us stressed, nervous and deeply unhappy.

Although the modern workplace demands a lot from us – constant emails, meeting arrangements, a buzzing phone at all hours of the day – you should really assess whether it’s taking a big toll on your personal life. The scales need to be in harmony, and here are a few signs that the balance has been undone…



It’s hard to unwind

At the office, you’re pushing away thoughts of 5pm, trying to forget the feel of your sofa and the comfort of Great British Bake Off on your TV. There are matters to busy yourself with until the shift is up, so you concentrate on what’s in front of you, blocking all else out as you go through the motions of your job.

Yet when you’re about to crash out and relax, something’s amiss – you seem restless, stuck in a bubble of pointless activity. If you can’t switch off, or find your leisure time to be lacking, you may have exhausted your capacity for enjoying and embracing new things. Personal development should extend beyond your professional life; that’s where true fulfilment lies.



Relationships are suffering

The work/life balance is a widespread conundrum, but it can isolate you from those you’re closest to, even if they’re facing the same issues. Professional responsibilities can run around your mind like a pack of angry wolves, snapping at anyone who tries to divert your attention or make light of office drama. Often we’ll sit with our partners, friends and family; and while we should be making a true connection to them we are focused on a false connection to others, as we sit there caught in the cycle of listlessly reviewing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, on and on…

It may take the intervention of a life coach for you to realise this. If relationships are becoming problematic, then it’s worth getting to the root of the trouble. By clarifying your feelings and gaining perspective on the knock-on effect of your work, it’ll help to untangle what changes should occur.




You’re extremely forgetful

Jobs can drag us hither and thither in the pursuit of a goal. Aside from the toll on your physical health, this scattergun existence can loosen your handle on important dates, anniversaries and family events.

It’s not your fault – there’s a mountain of pressure bearing down on your shoulders. Loved ones, however, will resent their perceived secondary status in your life. Being forgetful can come across as callous, rude or ignorant, qualities that may be a million miles from your real self.

Putting the work/life balance right again takes courage and a willingness to recognise what’s lacking in the here and now. No-one should resign themselves to a miserable, constricting routine; as a coach, I can help you combat your feelings of helplessness and support you in achieving the balance and success you desire and deserve, in all areas of your life.

Have a look at my coaching programmes to explore what I bring to the table. Let’s get you sitting down, breathing comfortably, with no thoughts of work to contend with and let’s begin our work…

Until next we speak… be more tomorrow than you are today.

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