Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

There could be several reasons why you are struggling to sleep. Work problems? Tense relationships? Poorly children? There may not even be a valid reason, and sleep may just be something that you’ve always struggled with.

“Close your eyes and count sheep” you’d be told… But even that can keep your mind active. What colour are the sheep? Are they stood still? Are they jumping over a fence? It’s just not that simple anymore so here are a selection of techniques to help you battle insomnia and to always get a good night’s sleep.

Set a routine! – Go to bed and get up at a similar time each day to try and programme your body to have a healthy sleeping pattern!

A comfortable bed! – If you’re not prepared to splash your cash on a brand-new memory foam mattress, you can invest in memory foam mattress toppers which do just the same job but costs a fraction less!

Regular exercise – I know, I know. Why is exercise always involved? You ask. Exercise relieves tension and can make you feel sleepy towards the end of the day!

Cut down on caffeine – Don’t panic, this does not mean you’ve got to say goodbye to your large Americanos or your flat whites! Try to reduce your intake and avoid caffeine in the evening! Swap coffee for a chamomile tea in the evening and you’ll notice a huge difference!

Wind down before bed – Take a lovely, warm bubble bath or indulge in a new novel or try some yoga exercises to relax you before it’s time to go to sleep!

If you can’t sleep, get up! – The worst thing you can do is continue lying there in complete darkness, tossing and turning all night. Get up and do something to relax you and make you drift off again!

If your lack of sleep is occurring on a nightly basis and is negatively affecting your daily tasks, speaking to your GP may be beneficial as they will know the best thing for you to ensure that you’re catching Z’s all night, every night!

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