Most people don’t realise they need a life coach until they start working with one. After all, you may be having a rough patch in your marriage, or struggling to cope at work, but does this mean you need something as penetrating as life coaching sessions? In most cases, it’s worth keeping an open mind.

Problems in one area of our life often boil down to issues that put a strain on others, which is why a seemingly small trigger can lead to a crisis point when you least expect it. Life coaching helps you return to the drawing board; here are just a few ways in which it brings out the best version of you.


1. Professional focus

We spend an eye-watering portion of our lives at work, so it’s no wonder that feeling unfulfilled on the 9-5 grind can have a knock-on effect in other areas. Pinpointing what success and achievement means to you in a professional sense will give you a renewed focus, feeding into your overall outlook. So you can replace Sunday evening dread with ‘thank god it’s Monday.’


2. Work-life balance

For some of us, it’s not finding focus that’s the problem: it’s switching off. Establishing a work-life balance can be tricky for business owners and professionals in high pressure jobs, but it’s essential to draw a line between your work and personal life.

Setting aside time each day, week and month to switch off from emails and your wider work commitments is essential if you want to avoid burnout or feeling overwhelmed. Life coaching can help you identify feasible ways to rejig your workflow, so you aren’t constantly on standby. Success without balance is no success at all.


3. Smart money management

Guilty of always having money on your mind? Whether you can’t see the wood for the trees with long-standing debt, or you find yourself facing shortfalls at the end of each month, a life coach can help you reassess your approach to money management.

By understanding your attitude to money, you can begin to shift your behaviour and outlook, wrestling back control of your finances and giving you greater freedom to prioritise spending on the things you love. A life coach will also support you in gainer a greater understanding of what each of your purchases mean, your last purchase can tell you a lot about how you control your moods.


4. Stronger relationships

Our happiness relies to a huge extent on our relationships with the people who mean the most to us. Family spats, tensions with co-workers, and problems with our partners can place a huge strain on our happiness and well-being.

However, it’s not always the relationship that needs fixing. For example, bonding with an estranged parent will prove fruitless unless you’ve genuinely found forgiveness in your heart. Life coaching can help you tackle underlying beliefs, emotions and behaviour that may be jeopardising relationships in your life. Life is easier when you learn to appreciate you own you’re your response and mood but not the response or moods of others.


Of course, there’s no set formula for life coaching, and you might find that sessions bring up issues that you never even thought would fall into a coach’s remit. However, by getting those essential elements of your life back on track, where they belong, you become a happier, more motivated you.

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Until next we speak… be more tomorrow than you are today.


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