Sunday Night Blues

We are all very familiar with that certain feeling that takes over our body at around 7 pm every Sunday evening. You have just finished eating your roast dinner and have decided to have a little lie down on the sofa before loading the dishwasher. The kids are about to get ready for bed, and your mind is riddled with … Read More


Procrastination. This is now such a common problem, and it has been for the past few years. Whether you’re a student with strict deadlines to meet or a teacher with books to mark, procrastination is a global issue for people with things to do, and the hardest thing about it is that when you attempt to stop yourself from doing … Read More

Overcoming Anxiety

Anxiety incorporates the emotions and physical sensations we experience when feeling worried or nervous about something. Anything can trigger feelings of anxiety from things such as going on a first date to deciding to go through a divorce. You may feel like you’re feeling stuck in a rut with anxiety and that you’ll never get out of it now but … Read More

Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

There could be several reasons why you are struggling to sleep. Work problems? Tense relationships? Poorly children? There may not even be a valid reason, and sleep may just be something that you’ve always struggled with. “Close your eyes and count sheep” you’d be told… But even that can keep your mind active. What colour are the sheep? Are they … Read More

Out of overwhelm and in control

  It can be terrifying to feel like there’s no hope left. Pressures and commitments can weigh down on us gradually, and before we know it we’ve hit crisis point. A build-up of domestic, family or work issues is a major reason why life coaches can be extremely valuable – sometimes, there’s no denying you’ve hit a low point, that … Read More